What is classroom management? This refers to a ways by which teachers ensures that students are well organized in class, focus on their study, productive in class and pay attention to what they are been taught.

Effective classroom management is useful for managing student conduct in school. A disorderly classroom is not suitable for learning, teachers must be able to maintain a healthy and conducive environment for learning as this will boost studying, so also the morale of the student will increase in school.
classroom management techniques
Students exhibit various behaviors in the classroom as some prefer to play while sitting in the classroom. Teachers and tutors must provide rules and regulation that govern all activities of the students during the teaching hours in school. If any student fails to obey the rules he or she must be punished accordingly as this will serve as a lesson to others.

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Managing student conduct may be tasking and challenging to the teachers because it entails everything the teachers must do to facilitate and improve student learning. Some students may not be interested in a particular lesson been taught by the teachers, so in regards to this, teachers must be able to relate some jokes while in class, so as to bring the mind of those students back to the classroom environment.

Classroom management techniques in school include the following:

Assertive Discipline
This is an approach in classroom management which involves orderly and systematically arrangement of a classroom environment. It involves a high level of control by teachers and educators to ensure students are in compliance with classroom rules in school.

Classroom Arrangement
This is the arrangement of structures, tools, classroom equipment, gadgets in a creative manner. Tables and chairs are to be arranged in a strategic manner so as to give comfort to students while learning in school.

Body Language
One of the techniques of classroom management is the use of body language. This is the use of eye contact by the teacher to show discontent at the behavior of students. This technique helps the teachers to maintain and manage the classroom without disruption.

Behavior Management
This is part of education psychology in which the teachers ensures the student's attitudes and behaviors are well managed. If a child is too playful the teacher will need to help him or her to redress, so as to focus more on academics. Teachers can also praise students who have done something good in class.

Classroom Instruction
This is a brief instruction of what the teachers want the students to do immediately they arrive in class. This will help the student to settled down, stay focus, concentrate on their studies and they will be productive in their learning.

Communication is essential in classroom management as it helps in understanding each other. The use of verbal and non-verbal means of communicating will provide an accurate relationship between the teacher and the student, this will also encourage the student to ask and answer questions in class.

Classroom management techniques in school are essential for good teaching and its strategies are effectively for learning and studying. Managing student conduct is one of the parameters for learning in which teachers will be able to identify where they are doing well and where there should be an improvement. 

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