Education is a learning process to boost our knowledge and understanding. Through examination, we measure the level of our intelligence on what we are studying. Examination preparation techniques are method use for training and practice ahead for exams in an institution of learning.

Examination preparation tips help on how to study for exams in a day, how to prepare for exams in a week, how to prepare for exams in less time and also how to prepare for exams high school. We must not wait for exams timetable before we can start reading because it will lead to ambiguous reading, we must read ahead so as to ease our learning and studying for us to achieve excellence.

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There are various study tips for exams that can influence our learning pattern. Education career will lead us to various means in which we get to test our level of proficiency and for our educators to ascertain if we have mastered what we have been taught.
5 Effective Examination Preparation Techniques

1. Planning

Preparing for examinations requires proper planning and it involves projection into the future. Career planning is the ways by which we set goals on our educational path so as to get a better result in our subjects and course of study. Whatever we do, must be structured so as to help us not to deviate from learning.

2. Dedication

We all need to dedicate our time towards learning and studying since this will give us an edge in preparing well for the examination. Everyone needs to dedicate their time, ability and capability to reading so as to ensure quality performance in the upcoming examination.

3. Group Reading

This is collaborative ways of studying ways which enhance effective examination preparation. Through other people, we can learn together by brainstorming, this will help in finding solutions to courses or subject that pose a problem to them.

4. Review Past Questions

It is best to review past question of a course or a subject this will help in knowing the forms or ways by which questions are asked and how to interpret those questions so as to suit the examiner taste. Knowing what your predecessor have done will give you insight on the type of questions to expect in the process of examination preparation.

5. Practice

All skills are improved through practice and feedback. The more an individual or group of people study and reflect on what they have learned will help them to adapt to their study and prepare well for their examination. It is a clear pattern for people to practice what they have been taught this will help them to master the act of learning and excel in their examination.

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