Have you ever considered the importance of education in the society? Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, power, influence and achievement through learning and studying. It helps to prepare oneself through discipline towards development of the society.
Education and its importance is indispensable and cannot be neglected in the course of striving for knowledge in life and in the society we live in. Education plays a major role in the development of the society and we can learn through various means such as home schooling, online learning and inquiry-based learning.

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During revolutionary war the importance of education for children is not given much attention since they are recruiting for purpose of war. Less education is needed to during the time of war and nobody is ready to learn and this has affected the value of education in the society.

Importance of Education in the Society


Education has help in contributing to the development of the society. Through various innovation and invention, scholars and professionals have been able to contribute their knowledge by inventing resources needed for the betterment of the society. With knowledge on scientific research education has contribute immensely to the health care sector of a nation.


Education has help in an organized development of many communities and nations by contributing it quota towards social, political, economic and technical development. This has help in moving towards modern ways of learning and education technology tools has also help to educate more people in the society.

Career Advancement

The importance of education in one’s life is attributed to how one develop career path to success. Through various educational stages such as primary education, secondary education and tertiary education has helped us in selecting a good professional career that we have passion and interest in. We learn new ways of developing our career through learning, studying and research and this has help in creating a better society.

Society Advancement

With various technological and scientific development in the society through educational contribution. The society has been progressing effectively and efficiently through research. With access to knowledge through the influence of reading books, lesson plans, special studies and vocational resources educational has help in solving various challenges confronting people in the society.

Improves Intellectual Capability

Education is very important in creating an opportunity for us to gain more knowledge and increasing our mental ability. The form of reading, writing, making research has help individual to become a better person and contribute their intellectual ability to the development of the society.

Employment Opportunities

Education has provided a basis for getting job through various career paths chosen by every individual. After the completion of one’s education in colleges, polytechnics and universities, we search to get a job with our certificate. With various learning path one has passed through, education helps to get the best job through various qualification earned. It helps to differentiate educated people form uneducated, this help the educated ones to have an edge in getting job in the society.

The importance of education in the society can be classified as a stepping stone to achievement of success in one’s life. Government and education stake holders must encourage everyone to be educated so as to create a great level of development in the society.

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