The concept of e-learning in improving the quality of education through education technology tools cannot be over emphasize. The use of various tools to learn in an academic institution has helped to improve the quality of education in the society. It has also helped to facilitate the process of imparting knowledge by the educators.

E-learning has helped many individual in an academic institution since its inception. With various institutions making use of their online programs to educate people, e-learning has help in getting adequate knowledge and this serve as an advantage to the education sector.

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E-learning helps the students to get motivation through their access to education technology that helps to improve their knowledge. It also boosts technological confidence, motivation, competent and commitment by scholars and educators in the academic institution.
With the various challenges confronting e-learning comes with a major set-back in learning. There is always a deterrent to the quality of e-learning performance in an academic institution. This problem may result in dwindling learning and studying, which is not good for the educational path. All e-learning challenges must be addressed immediately so as to keep up with the pace in the education sector.

5 challenges of e-learning in academic institution

1. New Software and Interface Design

With changes in technology, it has affects the education tools used in electronic learning. The various innovations into the development of software use in learning and studying in academic institutions have made the user to become novice due to changes in the usage mode. The changes in the interface of the system will cause a slight set-back for the user since they are not familiar with the design.

Stakeholders in academic institutions must effect an alternative in terms of providing adequate training for the new technology that is put in place. This will help the individual to learn the use of the new software and system interface design.

2. Barriers of Information

Many channels of information have cause problem to e-learning and this is attributable to the malfunction of technology. If a student of academic of an institution or an individual fails to receive information as at when needed, it will cause disruption to the student education.

Academic institutions must provide technical support that will enhance learning. This will help the students to contact technical department whenever a situation arise. Information is a necessity in every educational institution and necessary attention must be giving to the quality of information.

3. Poor Teaching and Learning Activities

One of the challenges confronting e-learning is different teaching and learning activities in academic institutions. All learning must follow the basic and cordial rule, which is must be applicable to every individual that make use of electronic learning platforms. If there are poor ways by which the educators teach the students, it will affect the level of interaction of students.

There should be a proper interaction between the students and the educators this will enhance e-learning in academic institutions. So also a proper collaboration between staff and students so as to discuss their improvement on their course of study.

4. Low Accessibility

If the accessibility of information communication technology in e-learning is not good enough, it will serve as an obstacle to studying and learning in the academic institution. Not getting the right access to educational technology tools has caused a negative effect on electronic learning in academic institutions. Some individual does not have access to the internet and this will affect e-learning because internet connection is essential for this mode of learning.

There should be reliability in connectivity of various tools use in learning. A user must be able to have complete access to academic institutions online platforms as at when needed. This will boost the quality of getting educated.

5. Attitude on E-learning

Many people have a negative attitude towards e-learning and have cause a bad influence on it use in an academic institution. Students, teachers, scholars and educators attitude are one of the major challenges of e-learning and it must be addressed immediately. Many people in the society have questioned the credibility of e-learning courses and programs, this has affected the positive impact this forms of education has brought to us.

E-learning must not be perceived as something new since it is natural and legitimate. There should be many promoters of e-learning that will help to influence people on the quality of e-learning on education achievement in the society.

The purpose of this article is to analyze various challenges that are confronting people making use of electronic learning in academic institutions. It is of great importance to know the value of e-learning and overcome all those challenges for academic success.

Finally, we must harness the education technology tools that are available for us effectively so as to confront all e-learning challenges and obstacle hindering us from getting the right quality education in the academic institution.

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