Adult education can be defined as manner by which a fully grown human being decides to learn or study in institutions. When they see new ways of doing things, they enroll for courses that suit their career.

Adult education is an opportunity to learn so as to develop skills and mental ability to facilitate the development of a nation. Unlike children education, this form of learning may be difficult for parent who wants to study in school because they have not experience such before. Their educators will also face problems in tutoring them with certain languages, choosing the right vocational skills, outlining their curriculum and making use of online platforms to teach.
Importance of adult education
Adult internships study is a program that is done on some basic duration which can be daily, weekly, and monthly as preferred by the learner. There various adult education category outline by the school, in which can be study from home or to study in school. It can also be mid-day class or night class as long as they can be able to comprehend with their study and gain knowledge through learning.

The duration may be long because it entails proper and careful training of adult on literacy and education purpose. Unlike elementary, college or high school, adult education is far different in terms of programs and agendas coupled with the readiness of the adult. Students who work and have a way to improve their skills will follow the education patterns of the educators, teachers and lecturers to improve on their creativity and enhance national development.

Educational stages involves primary school to secondary school, then to higher institution this basic steps are not known to some adults they only engage in one forms of business activities. But with adult education the process to apply for school may involves challenges but they need something that will motivate them towards learning that is why they seek adult education.

Importance Of Adult Education In National Development

1. Adult Employability
With skills and vocational studies coupled with instruction from adult education instructors or educators, they can earn an upkeep which will help the country’s economy. With adult education you can choose a career which can be on music, song, lyrics writing just like daryl hall and john oates digital music track, who according to Wikipedia are a big name in the adult education (song) category. Adult can also learn entrepreneurship skills to help the government to maintain good governance and as well as improve national development.

2. Adult Leadership Development
Adult education has help in national development through basic knowledge gained from what they learn in school which is a longlife opportunities to hold leadership position in house, councils, state and country to maintain good governance foundation in the country.

3. Learning In University
Adult education has given an opportunity for continuing education for adult to study in any university of their choice. Adult that request to study in university can enroll for various programs offered by the university and this will develop their career. With plans by the government to boost literacy among people, adult education is enhance with loans provided through budget. Various countries have inculcate adult education to enhance the development of a nation through university education.

4. Creation Of Opportunities
With the new school system and educational stages. Adult education in Africa, compilation from Spanish, Canadian has given independence to adult education. Some London institution also offers adult education programs for learning this create a venue for interaction among people of the world. The use of mobile application for study will also enhance adult education learning through the use of various public platforms.

5. Improved Learning
With educational stages of adult education, adult will be able to learn new things and also improve on what they have learn. Literacy is the ability to read and write with this improve learning for adult they can hold a leadership position in government and private office with various characteristics they have posses through learning. This will give them the opportunity to contribute to the national development of their country and the world as a whole.

Adult education is a program and internships process with special resources and services design to achieve a better dream in life. All hands must be on deck to promote this form of education so that there will be an increase in national development through literacy programs.

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