Definition of library varies according to different authors and to various perspectives in learning. An educational library is a place in an institution where books and other relevant materials are kept for users to access at any point in time.

Library is a place to access top notch teacher products that facilitate learning in an educational institution. There are various libraries that can contribute to student’s academic performance. Libraries are use to access basic information through research making and reading of different collection of books.

A library (computing) involves the use of computer databases to store and retrieve information. The use of computer to access books has been efficient in facilitating learning through the use of electronic library. The use of e-library has help students make research and have access to information from the comfort of their school hostel or private residence. E-library operations are done with the help of computer and various gadgets.
Importance of library in educational institution
Everyone has access to various options to choose from, we must be careful not to make the wrong selection because we may be affected by our decision. To study in school requires a whole lot of effort and all students must strive to succeed. To succeed in our academic performance we must read and this can be done through library usage.

Library near me should be the watchword of every student because they must know various libraries options available for them to choose from. We also have runtime library this forms of library involves in time scheduling of the use of book through their accessing time. Library has a time of opening and a closure time, some library are free to use some requires a fee.

Importance Of Library In Educational Institutions

Collections Of Books
Library records the highest numbers of books in educational institutions. Library is the home of books that can be access for reading by students in school. After productions of books various authors will submit a copy to the library, this has been a good source of generating books for the library. Students who want to excel in their academic performance can source for various books and ebooks to study so as to facilitate their effective learning in school.

Access To Publications
Apart from having a collection library also records the largest numbers of various collections of publication in an educational institution. With various authors submission of their articles on social, science, engineering and other professional articles that student can have access to.

A librarian is the head of library department in an institution and they can connect with various media house to source for their publications for library user. We have various journals ranging from different volumes in the library catalogue, there are also magazines and newspaper to enhance student knowledge in the society. Through publications they know about what is trending in their society.

Library Enhance Reading
One of the importance of library is to improve students’ academic performance through reading. Library offers various learning tools such as encyclopedia, ejournals, documents, tutorials and English dictionary. A library use can borrow books in the library through their personal library cards design by the library management. It has a better environment that is cool and noiseless this facilitates learning through reading of collections of books.

Access To Online Dictionary
Through the use of e-library international school can give access to every library user to learn on their electronic platforms. With the use of online dictionary library user can search for detailed meaning of words through elearning.

Access To Electronic Library
With the modern ways of learning mobile applications has performs an overdrive function for learning. Through elibary there are various service render which social media use is also part of it, students have access to facebook, twitter, goggle, watching of youtube videos this will increase the students knowledge through social activities. With digital trends ebooks can also be access on electronic library platforms of educational intuitions.

Library Promotes Driven Knowledge For The Future
The use of library for research and learning has help to promote academic knowledge for all students. With sociocultural and systematic educational operations of the library, it has provided a roadmap for gaining knowledge for future use.

With locals and international tutorials, comprehensive workshops and systematic communication which are parts of the features of the library. It has enhanced psychology development in users of library.

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