Educational technology is a tools and computer software design to help students towards learning by easing their stress through the usage of computerized adaptive testing system for studying in school. This is the study and practice that teachers and educators use in training and giving instruction to students in class through virtual and instructional video.

University must apply the use of educational technology tools to enhance learning most especially technical and science courses. Engineering courses requires the use of systems, devices and various technologies to practice and master various equipment in schools.
importance of education technology tools
Medical science student’s make use of tools and equipment that relate with their courses to learn. Commercial students also make use of internet enable computer to forecast stock exchange price, to study market trends and more.

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Educational technology involves the use of android apps, iPad apps, content management system computer and various technologies to learn. With the rate at which education is trending in these modern days we must be able to use various technologies to teach students and also to gain more knowledge. The use of projector to teach students in class is an advance way of impacting knowledge unlike teaching the students physically which can be stressful and tiring.

Importance Of Educational Technology Tools

1. It Improves Interactive Learning
With the use of communication technology like mobile phones and computers learning is highly interactive. Educators make use of design applications and tools to disseminate information to their students. Students can also use technological equipment to ask questions from their teachers or lecturers this will facilitate interactive learning.

2. Selection Of Careers
Educational technology helps to select right career through fundamental projections of the future. Students who know how to use computer effectively will be motivated towards selecting computer related course, since he or she has passion for it. Selection of career is based on choice but with various techniques that are use in exploring various resources, we can be able to select a professional careers.

3. Improve Knowledge
We can study books and eBooks from various authors and educators, we can also download various pdf files to practice online. This will improve our study skills and we tend to gain more knowledge. Educational technology facilitate elearning with the use of internet computer which can be connected with modem or wireless connections this will ease our physical struggle of attending classes.

4. Creation Of Virtual Learning Environment
Educational technology has helps to improve learning through the creation of steady design enabling environment for learning. Institutions can create a wireless connection for student to use, so that they can learn various things online. With the use of educational apps students can learn from the comfort of their home through online education.

5. Motivation Towards Learning
With the use of educational technology tools such as laptop, mobile phones and desktop computers we are motivated towards learning. On computer we can make use of excel spreadsheet to make calculations, we can also make use of power points to design our reading, we can also make use of Microsoft word to type and analyze data for efficient and effective learning.

We also have various computer software designs to help students towards studying. Making use of computer browser to make research, watching educational videos online, searching related words on Google and Wikipedia, exploring various resources this will motivate student to continuous learning and in turn motivate the teachers towards a better and enhance ways of teaching.

6. Social Interaction
Educational technology has help to improve our social status through optimum interaction between students, staff, lecturers and management of an institution. With the use of Smartphone we are able to connect with the internet and log in to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, email, you-tube and others to engage with various users so as to relax our minds and brain. We need to relate with our fellow colleagues in school and we can do that through various gadget available to us.

The value of education should be immensely look into and government must develop the education sector. If a student’s does not have a standard educational background it will hinder them in the labor market. Educational technology tools, devices and software are use to solve various education challenges through projection and equipment utilization.


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