Free education should be access effectively by all students in institutions of learning. It is and equal opportunity to solve education issues through the usage of educational resources, parent resources, college classes, parenting tips, parenting advice, adult education and laying emphasis on national campaign against fees and cuts.

Free education should be offer for student in school most especially from the primary education stage and secondary education then moved to universities. The concept of free education helps in building careers in elementary school and its programming can sustain economy growth.
free education for students
Government must be able to enact laws that will regulate the amount of money paid by students in school. They should also offer free education to the people in their country so as to change the percentage of education index. There should also be equality of opportunity for everybody in the society to study and learn.

Everybody wants a better tomorrow through a better today and they must harness their intelligence, ability and capability effectively towards becoming a better person in life. It is of a great importance to cherish the value of education in the society we live in.

Any university can offer free education to their students as a means of giving back to the society from the profit they had made. They can do this through awarding of scholarship to students that meet their criteria. University can offer free online courses that will facilitate learning in school.

Advantages Of Free Education Towards Learning

Solving Education Issues
One of the advantages of providing free education is solving education issues through providing enabling environment. There are various issues surrounding education which ranges from lack of funds from the government, cost of doing research and some student’s negligence towards learning.  

Free education create a proper academy for students in school in the sense that they will not feel demean and they will have equal right to learn with others. Learning is not only for the wealthy ones, it is for everyone in the society.

Good Governance
With free education the government tends to have more knowledgeable people that can give advice through the knowledge they learn from school. Free education can help an administration that strive to survive through scholars and educators that knows how to forecast the future and make adequate preparation to avoid certain circumstance. It also solve our present problems through correct measures given by those who had pass through school and have study various courses.

Free Education Improves Skills
With proper training and learning in school, new skills are developed. Since our kindergarten days, we are guided by our educator on how to sing poems, how to combine words, how to write words till our present moments of having ability to speak and write.

Solving solutions to problems through research guided by various professor. Through free education, we learn lesson on how to interact with one another, we study English and mathematics which benefits us till our present moment and will continue to encompass our ways of life.

Free Education Provides Access To Study
Free education has helps to provide enabling access to quality from learning from various lectures and materials used in school. With computer we are able to study various online courses that are available through various universities platforms. We memorize various grammar, story and words from prep which has help us to study a lot of things till today.

Free education should be a top priority to the government and other education stake holders like the lecturer, teachers, educator, professor and others. It helps to increase the numbers of intelligent people within our society.

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