Educational psychology is a program within the concept of education that base academic performance of students on their mental processes and behaviors. It is concerned with scientific study of human being by educational psychologist for testing theories and getting better result through research.

Psychological research has shown that students performances are sometimes attach to their genes inherited from their parents. So also the educational measurement in terms of ability, motivation, cognitive learning, character, courage and boldness inherent in students are measured by educational psychologist through psychological research.

The personality of various students differs from one another. The behavioral pattern of students in university are also not the same. School psychology is study within the confine of institutions and is one of the branches of psychology this help teachers to study various pattern of learning that will solve student’s academic problems in school.
educational psychology learning for students
Educational levels from childhood in kindergarten till adult in university are depicted through our various patterns of behavior. A parent who is quiet but outspoken will pass the same character to his or her children because behavior pattern is inherited. So also a parent who is aggressive in nature, the child or their children will also be aggressive.

Ways In Which Educational Psychology Improves Student Achievement

Classroom Management
The various universities research and education association has review problems confronting student in classroom. They need to develop programs, method and principles which will serve as a guidelines assessment of student behavioral pattern in class, they need to make changes to student environment so that they can be motivated to learn.

Reading, answering question and asking question should be part of every students because there are some student who only go to class to learn but do not have the ability to ask question on courses they are facing problems on because of their personality traits.

Improve Postgraduate Education
After the completion of undergraduate degree and continuation of one’s education through postgraduate education. The counseling we get in our university during our undergraduate helps to improve our knowledge against future problems.

The guidelines and various equations in university has help in getting a degree, that helps us in developmental career that we have passion for, this will help us during our postgraduate education. Our psychological traits might have affected our childhood in our early education stages but with educational psychology theories we tend to be a better person through various instructional guidelines set for us.

Educational Reform
With educational psychology we are giving a good orientation in university that will improve our academic performance. Although we are mostly influenced by our psychological behaviors in schools which may be positive to our learning and may also affect us negatively. Teachers in school help us to improve our sociocultural activities in school through their experience and criteria of achieving goals. This has been a success in educational reform through educational psychology.

Students Achievement
The goals of everyone in life is to become great. Student performance may affect our intellectual capacity but with educational psychology theories, students can be motivated to achieve excellence in their educational performance. Teachers in college and university help the student to develop and utilize their personality to learn effectively.

The schools professional and counseling experts helps in giving instructions to students on how to improve their personality towards learning, this has been a source for students academic achievement in school.

Learning Theory (Education)
Educational psychology is the study of mental processes in student in an institution. With effective study of student behavioral pattern and applying learning science, the overall achievement for education will be towards grooming a knowledgeable and intellectual students in the society through adequate learning.

Educational psychology is a better ways of helping the students that has a bad personality trait that affect their behavioral pattern in school. Universities and colleges must make use of cognitive sciences and instructional theory in counseling their student in achieving a better academic performance in school.

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