Reading can be defined as the continuous recitation of words on printed materials. Recitation can be done in the mind or through the mouth. We have various reading theory such as re ading program, reading a-z, reading eagle and free tarot reading that helps to improve our learning.

Effective reading strategies is a process by which people or students make use of various reading materials such as downloadable books, high-frequency word book and online books to learn. Learning does not start in a day, it is a gradual process. It involves the process of reciting alphabets and numerical from childhood education to higher education.
steps to effective reading strategy
Based on learning assessment there are some books that some students do not like to study example is books without pictorial illustration. Many people find it difficult to read or study books that do not have a picture. Literacy education should be explored and awareness must be created for early child education, this will help students from kindergarten stage till higher institution comprehend with reading and develop various reading skills.

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Through various practice and research, readers will test their proficiency by writing down what they have read. We can consult the teachers to guide us on how to read through training and guided pattern of learning.

5 Steps To An Effective Reading Strategies For Students

1. Library Usage 
Student of an institution of learning must make use of the library as their second home or place where they can read and learn. With various collections of printable books and children’s book available, this will enhance student academic performance through the reading of books. Library supplies various teaching resources leveled books for reading in school and home improvement. Library offers various reading program used for practice by individual or group of people in school.

2. Remedial Reading 
One of the methods of practicing and effective reading is through remedial, which means improvement on deficient skills in some course or subject of study. Reading (process) does not grow in a day, it requires gradual learning which will improve our reading ability. We can learn through various lesson plans with high-frequency studies in university and colleges. The importance of education cannot be over emphasized because, without reading and learning, we will only remain stagnant.

3. Group Reading 
Students must learn about putting reading first in school, so they must join hands with each other association. We can excel in our academics by teaching each other through group reading. Through group reading, learners will come together to deliberate on topics bothering them and proffer solutions to it. We can also learn group reading through conferences, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, comprehension quizzes and students worksheets. This will improve our reading in school and develop our knowledge.

4. Mobile Application Usage 
Reading can be improved through the use of mobile phone application. With the use of the browser, we can make a search on the Internet to search for some key phrases related to our courses and read those articles that are related to our learning. Mobile phones are one reading material, in which we can practice our reading through educational websites. We can also get an update from various educational blogs through our mobile phones, this will improve our reading skill and enhance academic performance in school.

5. Psychic Reading

We can read through psychology education this will help our instinct and improve our mental capabilities. Psychic reading is the process by which learn through our minds and brain. This mode of reading tends to develop our thinking and improve our reading skills.

There are various steps to effective reading strategies for students. It is a matter of choice to make use of various assessment materials, educational learning tools to read and learn in school. Students should set goals and prepare to meet their target.

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